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A special blend of skill, attitude and pragmatism that helps software development teams increase the value of their testing approach allowing them to deliver, automate and test software better.

A blog full of Practical, Technical, Exploratory, and Agile Software Testing: videos and blog posts.

I consult on projects as well, visit CompendiumDev.co.uk for articles, books, online training, conference talks and to learn how I can help you.

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My book, "Dear Evil Tester" contains answers to questions that you didn't know testers asked.

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"Wonderful stuff there. Real deep."

"The more you know about software testing, the more you will find to amuse you."

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Other books written by Alan Richardson

Automating and Testing a REST API

A Case study of Testing and Automating the Open Source Tracks REST API using: Java, RestAssured, Postman, cURL and HTTP Proxies

Java For Testers

Learn to program Java by writing tests.

The Top 9 Questions About Agile Testing... Answered Inside

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Podcast - The Evil Tester Show

An Audio and Visual Podcast about Software Testing with a different attitude.

Episodes & Show Notes

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Compendium Dev

Our official company site (Compendium Developments) for Consultancy, Training, Online Training, Conference Talks, Essays and Articles, Tools and Videos.

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Selenium Simplified

Training, and articles on Selenium WebDriver.

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Java For Testers

Learn to program Java by writing tests. Home of the book "Java For Testers".

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